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If you want to drive your vehicle on the road, you need to ensure it has an MOT. This is a fact of life and while the cost of a MOT is another expense that many drivers will feel as though they can live without, like fuel, it is a cost that they have to pay out for.

This is why it is good to know that there is a MOT Horley service at Knox Motors that provides value for money. The convenience factor of the MOT Horley at Knox Motors service is an important reason for many customers but there are other main benefits. All of the team at Knox Motors are fully trained, qualified and have a lot of experience. You want to make sure that your car is being looked after by professionals who will take proper care of it and this is what you get.

However, it is also important to know that value for money is being obtained from the service. That is why the MOT Horley team will not only focus on checking your car, they are happy to provide advice as to how get a better level of performance from your car. It can be difficult to find the time to look after your car or to develop your mechanic skills but even a few small adjustments to your knowledge can make a big difference to how your car runs.

When you add this to customer service benefits like a pick up and drop off service, it is easy to see that the MOT Horley service is a great choice for drivers.

One of the strongest elements of our MOT Horley service is that it is possible to arrange a free retest within 10 days of your original test. It may be that your vehicle fails on a minor issue that can be repaired quickly. Knowing that you can have your vehicle repaired quickly and then retried without having to pay full price for your MOT again is a great comfort to motorists. In an ideal world, every car and van would pass their MOT first time but this is not the case. If it was, there would be no need for MOTs!

Our mechanics for MOT at Horley know that the cost of MOTs can be prohibitive for car owners and this drives their desire to keep costs as reasonable as possible. Owning and running a car can be expensive so anything which helps to keep the cost down has to be of huge benefit.

Class 4 MOT £45 & Class 7 MOT £50
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