It can be stressful when it is time to get annual service or MOT done for your vehicle. Apart from the cost there could be other factors which are very important to be considered if you are looking for better service, money saving and satisfaction for your vehicle’s road worthiness.

There are various places that offer MOT checks and choosing the right one can be tricky. Across the UK, many local authorities runs MOT Centres their own. For cars MOT test prices may very drastically with a maximum chargeable amount to be £54.85. Here, it is important to understand the difference between an MOT test and servicing. MOT test is performed on your vehicle to make sure it meets safety and environmental standards. In case of failing this test, retesting is to be performed after necessary repairs which may cost extra. However, a vehicle service requires checking of the mechanical conditions.

Here, we explore the things you should look for in the MOT centre you choose. Internet has made the process of reviewing almost everything much more accessible and easy. Following simple tips given below can help you find the right garage without getting much worried.

  • Search and find garages that are available in your local area or an area which has good transport links as the MOT checks take some time and you may have to leave your car with the service provider.
  • Check whether the garage is authorised to offer MOT checks. Authorised centres display the symbol properly with 3 white triangles with a blue background. It should be avoided to choose a centre that does not display this symbol.
  • Good garages or auto centres will show their customer reviews that will help in finding their customer satisfaction quotient. Garages like Knoxmotors give great importance to customer services that generates them repeat business.
  • It is good idea to understand the range of various services offered by them. A professional auto centre will check wheel alignment, brake performance, exhaust condition, tyre fit, and headlight and will make sure that your vehicle is checked for its road worthiness properly.
  • One of the important aspect is to know the fee charged for the MOT test. Choosing the cheapest option may not be advisable as you may be missing out a wide range of quality services. While checking the prices it is necessary to check the labour rates offered by the centre because you may have to carry out some repairs depending on the results of your MOT test. Therefore it is advisable to pick a centre that offers a fair labour and one that can get your car back on the road quickly.
  • Provides online booking with your preferred date and time. Some garages offer good discount on booking MOT tests online as it is a good turn around option for the garages unless there is some extra repair is involved.